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Roberto Osuna Suspended for 75 games by Major League Baseball

He is out until August 4

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

MLB has suspended Roberto Osuna for 75 games, retroactive to his arrest date on May 8.

Here’s the official statement from the MLB communications office.

That puts him out of action until August 4. It is my understanding that he is still eligible for the Playoffs, which is different than the repercussions of violating the drug policy. If he is indeed eligible, he would have some appeal to teams prior to the deadline.


The Blue Jays have released a statement on Osuna.

Roberto Osuna’s 2018 salary was $5.3 million. A 75 games suspension means Osuna surrenders over $2.45 million. MLB’s wording of “The unpaid suspension of Osuna ... covers 75 days”, which indicates that he would return the money paid while on Administrative Leave over the last 6 weeks. What happens with that money is unclear at the moment.

Being suspended for 75 games bumps back Osuna’s free agency for a year, until after the 2021 season.

There are still a lot of unknowns with this at the moment, and I will try to update as I find the answers. Questions that still need answers/confirmation from outside sources:

  • Can Osuna be traded while suspended?
  • What do the Blue Jays do with the money saved?
  • Is Osuna playoff eligible?
  • Does Osuna pay back the money he has earned since May 8 to the Blue Jays?
  • Can Osuna leave the country while his charges are still pending?