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Tonight’s Blue Jays lineup, Grichuk in CF

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Gibby has some juggling to do to get everyone’s bat into some games.

Today, Kevin Pillar sits and Randal Grichuk plays center field for the Blue Jays. This is Randal’s second start in CF this season. Kevin is having a rough time, in his last 23 games he’s hit .168/.168/.305. Yeah no walks for 23 games. After a hot start, Kevin’s walk rate is down from last year (4.2%, from 5.2) and strikeout rate is up (18.6%, from 15.0).

I wonder if we could find a trade deadline deal for him. Grichuk, looks like he can handle center.

And Justin Smoak drops in the order, batting 5th. He’s having a rough time too, hitting .205/.322/.384 with 2 homers in his last 22 games.