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Josh Donaldson suffers ‘setback’

Out at least another three weeks.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Donaldson won’t be back anytime soon. He’s had a setback with his left calf strain and, the Blue Jays are saying, he will be ‘reevaluated’ in three weeks. An acute strain of his left calf. Apparently he was taking ground balls when he reinjured himself.

Three weeks puts us mid-July at best, which means the chances of trading him at the deadline are very slim. I don’t really see it as a possibility. At that point I’d rather take the draft pick that would come with giving him a qualifying offer. Or he might take the qualifying offer.

Personally, I think his days of being a third baseman should be pretty much over after this year. I’d be looking to move him to first. I doubt his injury problems will get any better as he moves towards his mid-30s if he stays at third.

And, I’d imagine, someone is going to want to look at his off-season workout routine. I don’t know if his calves are over developed and that’s causing him troubles or what, but this is two years in row with leg muscle strains.

Anyway, get healthy Josh. We’d like to see you on the field.