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FanPost Friday: Favourite Unbreakable Record

Sotheby's To Auction Joe DiMaggio's 1936 Yankees Uniform Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

On tonight’s broadcast, Buck and Pat spoke about Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak, calling it the most unbreakable record in baseball. Obviously there are pitching counting stats that are untouchable in today’s game, but as far as modern records, DiMaggio’s streak is probably the most untouchable. Buck and Pat touched on a few of the reasons why, including things like specialized bullpens.

There are many other records that are considered unbreakable. Things like career no-hitters (7 - Nolan Ryan), career triples (309 - Sam Crawford), single season batting average (.449 - Hugh Duffy), and consecutive games played (2632 - Cal Ripken Jr.).

My personal favourite is career stolen bases. Rickey Henderson played parts of 25 seasons, amassing 1406 steals. That is 50% higher than second place Lou Brock, who had 938 steals in his career, which spanned parts of 19 seasons. Henderson is 4th all time in games played, so he had longevity, health, speed, amazing instincts, and the ability to get on base (as evidenced by his career .401 OBP). He had three seasons with over 100 stolen bases (including the modern record of 130 stolen bases), while also continuing his stolen base prowess through his twilight, including 66 steals as a 39 year old.

So go here and let us all know about your favourite unbreakable record.