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Vladimir Guerrero to be promoted to Buffalo?

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Rob Longley, in the Sun, tells us that the Blue Jays are intending to move Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to the Buffalo Bisons when he comes off the DL.

Vlad was hitting .407/.457/.667 with 11 homers in 53 for the Fisher Cats before hitting the DL with his knee injury. Anyone hitting over .400 should be moved up at least one level.

Guerrero is almost ready to return to action. Rob tells us that Vlad might play some rehab games at a lower level to get himself into game shape before his assignment to the Bisons.

You folks in Toronto might want to start planning your trip to Buffalo.

And Baseball America has named Vlad their Midseason Player of the Year (isn’t that a strange phrase).

About the only other Jays news is this from Shi:

Whatever the team’s plans are for Roberto, they will have to continue saying that he’ll be back with the Jays. Saying anything else weakens their trade position, if they are planning to trade him.

His next court date is August 1st. I’d imagine he’ll be making some sort of deal to undergoes counselling in exchange for some lessening of his charges. But that’s just a guess.