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Around The Nest - Blue Jays Minor League Podcast - Week 14

The Otto Lopez Experience

Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

Every Friday afternoon the minor league voices of the Blue Jays organization join host Jesse Goldberg-Strassler on a podcast called Around The Nest where we talk about the happenings of the past week on the farm. We’ll hear about Blue Jays prospects and their stories whether they’re playing in Bluefield or Vancouver or Lansing or Dunedin or New Hampshire or Buffalo!

Around The Nest can be heard live by clicking this link at 4 pm Eastern. After the show wraps up you can go to the same site to download an archived copy of the episode.

Today’s episode summary from Jesse:

The Blue Jays system is soaring: Bluefield, Vancouver and Dunedin are in first place, playoff-bound Lansing is heating up on the road, and New Hampshire and Buffalo standouts competed in All-Star Games on Wednesday! This week we’re talking top performances—Otto Lopez’s torrid hitting, Ryan Noda’s monster pair of games, Maverik Buffo’s eight-inning gem, and more, with the voice of the organization!

As always, Bluebird Banterers are encouraged to ask their questions about the Jays’ minor leaguers below in the comments. Jesse and the radio broadcasters will try to get to as many as they can on the air.