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Jays will pick 11th in the 2019 MLB Draft

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays Gerry Angus-USA TODAY Sports

With their season ending loss to the Rays, the Blue Jays finish 2018 at 73-89, tied with San Francisco who ended an abysmal 5-21 September with a 15-0 annihilation at the hands of the Dodgers. The two teams tie for the 9th worst record in MLB, but by virtue of Atlanta receiving the 9th overall pick for not signing Carter Stewart this year and San Francisco’s inferior 2017 record, the Giants will pick 10th overall and the Jays 11th in the 2019 MLB Draft next June.

2019 will mark the third time in franchise history the Blue Jays will draft have the 11th overall pick, and in fact it’s becoming quite a familiar spot as all three have occurred this decade of the tens. In 2010, Deck McGuire was the 11th pick, the Jays infamously passing over Chris Sale who ended up the next college pitcher off the board two spots later.

In 2014, it was Max Pentecost, who ended 2018 on a tear in AA after a largely healthy year. They passed over another pretty good player who went two spots later in Trea Turner, as well as Touki Toussaint who had been connected to them.

So, better luck next year hopefully - and we should have a pretty good idea by 2025.