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Tuesday Bantering: Stroman, Happ

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Everyone, who write about the Blue Jays, is talking about Marcus Stroman’s rant.

  • If you want a fair and balanced take on it, John Lott in the Athletic gives a nice look that doesn’t take sides. I like this:

In my job, I have never much cared whether Marcus Stroman – or any other athlete – saw fit to follow the traditional script regarding interplay with the media. Granted, players’ co-operation makes my work life easier, and most players willingly do just that. But in nearly two decades of covering the Blue Jays, I have always believed that when I walk into their clubhouse – their workplace – they are under no obligation to talk to me.

Lott goes on to say that he doesn’t let a cooperation or lack there of influence his writing. That’s very unusual. Most sports writers seem to go out of their way to build up guys who are nice to them or rip guys who aren’t. It is pretty much impossible not to like guys who are nice to you. Reporters like guys who give them good quotes day after day. When backup players are built up beyond what they deserve by their play, you know they are nice guys who play well with reporters.

The reason Madani asked the question — meant to be part of another video story — is that because, other than after his own starts, Stroman makes sure he is not available to any media for any type of interview. And the Jays have allowed that.

As a disclaimer, it should be noted going in that Stroman doesn’t like me. He believes that there is no such thing as constructive criticism. He believes that it’s all mean-spirited, most of it stemming from a deep sense of jealousy from outsiders because he is successful and making a lot of money despite being, uh, short.

Where John Lott says that it is up to the player to decided if he wants to talk to the press or not, Griffin makes it clear that players should be required to talk to the press. Personally, I favor the former, I don’t think anyone should be forced to talk to the press if they don’t want.

  • Steve Simmons, over in the Sun, uses Marcus’ rant to complain about the money owed to Tulo and Martin and tell us how terrible the front office is. In case you are wondering where he sit on Marcus, he uses the terms “most volatile and self-absorbed’. This bit bugged me:

A year ago I asked a Blue Jays employee a rather basic question: When did Stroman become a jerk?

The answer came back simply: “You don’t become one.”

Using a unnamed source to agree with you that a guy is a jerk is very unfair.

J.A. Happ, our one All-Star is getting attention too:

  • And Roberto Osuna pitched a clean rehab inning this morning: