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Two Blue Jays on Keith Law’s Top 50 Prospects

Bet a dollar you know who they are.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law has posted his ‘midseason top 50 prospects update’ and, as you would guess, there are two Blue Jays prospects on the list.

Keith has Vladimir Guerrero in the number 2 spot, behind Fernando Tatis. In explanation Keith says:

Guerrero’s bat belongs in the big leagues and it’s the best in the minors, bar none. It’s an 80 hit tool, and because he’s so strong and his hands are so quick, it’s 80 power, too. If you’re a fantasy player, and you want to know who the best prospect is, it’s Guerrero. But position and defense matter, and Guerrero is not a third baseman in anything but name right now. He’s enormous for the position, and at 19, he’s more likely to get bigger than smaller. He has a tremendous arm, and his hands are fine, but he’s not mobile or agile enough for anything on the dirt other than first base. I’d try him in right field first, but he’s going to play somewhere at the wrong end of the defensive spectrum, and might not be good anywhere. And there’s a real concern about how big he’ll be even in his late 20s, given how his body is already changing for the worse.

He is a big guy. No one seems sure if he can stay at third. Personally, I’d like them to put him at a spot where we aren’t concerned about his size and get him up to the Jays. But that’s not my decision.

Bo Bichette is number 15 on his list. Again defensive concerns have dropped him on the list:

If you think Bichette stays at shortstop, he’s probably a tier low on this list, but I have seen him three times this year and still don’t think he stays there. Instead, he’s likely to slide over to second base, where he’ll be no worse than average on defense while hitting for average with 15 or so homers, a zillion doubles and seeming to be in three places at once any time he’s on the field. Also, he has plus hair.

Anthony Alford is on his honorable mentions list.

His top five is rounded out with Elroy Jimenez, Victor Robles and Francisco Mejia.