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Blue Jays mid-term report card: Grade Sam Gaviglio’s first half

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The Blue Jays called up Sam Gaviglio on May 11th. I figured he’d be up for a few days and then back down. I was wrong.

His first appearance was coming into a game against the Red Sox in the 10th inning. He pitched 3 scoreless innings and got that win. If you want to know how to get into my good books, pick up a win against the Red Sox. He would make one more relief appearance and then join the rotation.

Sam’s first 4 starts were very good. 2.59 ERA in 24.1 innings. 19 hits, 6 walks and 20 strikeouts.

Since then he’s not been as good, 6.25 ERA in 8 starts. 36 innings, so just 4.5 innings per start. 43 hits, 12 walks and 35 strikeouts.

Fangraphs has him at a 0.4 WAR.

His good starts have been very good. He pitched 7 shutout innings vs. the Yankees on June 6th. He had 5.1 scoreless innings vs. the A’s in 5.1. And last night was very good, 7.2 innings. It would have been just 2 earned, but Gibby let him go out for the 8th (which I was good with).

Sam’s looks like a decent choice for a fifth starter type. He throws a lot of strikes, doesn’t walk too many. He’s averaged 5 innings a start, I’d like my fifth starter to be a little deeper than that but this is the way it is now. The occasional 7 inning start helps a lot.

We have 70 games left, I’m good we seeing what he does the rest of the year and decide if he can be a part of things going forward.


For the first half I would grade Sam Gaviglio an

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