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Today’s Blue Jays lineup and bits of news

Bautista bats second for the Mets

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I enjoyed Jose Bautista press conference. He is a very thoughtful, intelligent person. He didn’t say anything controversial, but made it clear he enjoyed his time in Toronto. The most interesting bit to me was him talking about being on his couch in Tampa, at 2:00, getting a call from the Mets, being on a plane at 3:30 and getting a call when he landed asking if he felt up to being in the lineup that night.

He very nicely said, when asked about his memories of Toronto, that most of his memories were about the friends he made.

Good news for those that were terribly worried we were going to lose Urshela:

Smoak hits cleanup. Gurriel in for Diaz. I hope he gets a lot of playing time the rest of the way. Pillar batting 5th isn’t optimum but then I there isn’t that many Jays who are hitting at the moment. Pillar has to get a hot streak going sometime, right?