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Lourdes Gurriel out 2-6 weeks

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have announced that, after looking at Lourdes Gurriel’s MRI, he has a ‘high ankle sprain’ and will be out 2-6 weeks. This season....

I’ve really been enjoying watching Lourdes play, he’s been one of the few bright spots of the season.

Reporters are saying he isn’t limping, we I’m hoping he’ll be at the lower end of the time estimate.

No word on roster moves to replace Lourdes (and Loup and Axford) on the roster). I’m wondering if they will be able to make the moves before tonight’s game. I hope Ken Giles will be available.

I’m glad there are a lot of things to do in Seattle as well as watch baseball, because I’m not expecting to enjoy the games.

Other news, apparently J.A. Happ has hand, foot and mouth disease and won’t be making his next start for the Yankees. He might end up on the DL. I didn’t know that adults could get this, until this baseball season.

Wash your hands folks.

We are going to have an open thread for the Bison’s game, so if you are following along, join in the thread.

Apparently the Jays are adding Darnell Sweeney and Brandon Cumpton for tonight’s game.

  • Sweeney is utility type player. He’s hitting .235/.310/.398 with 7 home runs in 68 games for the Bisons. He came up earlier in the season and got into one game, without getting a plate appearance.
  • Cumpton (who I originally spelled and Bumpcon) is a right-handed pitcher. He’s 29, he had a few innings with the Pirates in the past. He has a 5.63 ERA in 16 innings in Buffalo, which apparently gets you a promotion these days.

Hernandez gets a day off. I think maybe he could have a week off. And Travis and Smoak are back in the lineup.