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Monday bantering

Tim Leiper says we are all idiots

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, there are some games of baseball that encapsulate the season in a nutshell. Yesterday’s 10-2 loss to the Sith was one of them. Poor starting pitching, lack of offense, mediocre bullpen relief and some bone headed baserunnning (glares at Kevin Pillar)..

No wonder Gibby lost his rag:

Pillar getting out in the way he did was probably just part of his rage. Gibby has looked pretty fed up these last few weeks and frankly who can blame him? Tom has the depressing recap of the game here.

Justin Shafer is the latest addition to the Blue Jays beleagured bullpen brigade (BJBBB) and he did ok, throwing one inning, giving up one hit, walked one and struck out a batter. He is the 31st pitcher the Jays have used this season (including crafty veteran Kendrys Morales).

I wonder who else we will see wheeled out before the season ends? We need a pitcher with a rubber arm (paging Paul Quantrill!)

While Pillar was TOOTBLANing, he did extend his hit streak to 6 games.

Danny (he brings us joy ) Jansen hit a double and now has at least one hit in his first five major league games. The other Jays to do that were Jesse Barfield, Aaron Hill and Ryan Goins. He is now hitting .412.

Teoscar Hernandez was 0-4 yesterday as the DH, a position that a lot of fans would prefer him to play. It would save us seeing his circuitous (and circus like) route to the ball in the outfield.

Good news is that the Jays think he will develop into a solid outfielder.

Bad news, Tim Leiper says we are all idiots for thinking otherwise.

Here come the OriLOLes!

Now that we have lost 4 straight, we need some relief and who better to provide it than the visiting OrioLOLes (37-87). This season we have gone 9-1 against them. Marco Estrada (6-9, 4.78 ERA) will face off against Andrew Cashner (4-10, 4.71 ERA).

Play of the Day:

Newsflash: Ball delivered to Evan Gattis gets put into orbit.

Breaking news: Not put into orbit by him...