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Friday bantering

Vlad’s chase for .400 and our half arsed rebuild

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
The Jays will only break your heart kid
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly this will be my last post for a while as i’m off to the World’s Largest Open Prison (aka Australia) for a long overdue family holiday. I’m looking forward to some good weather and downtime after a very busy year. I’m back mid- September so make sure you don’t get too crazy without me ok?

Just a few bits and pieces today....

Some sobering reading to start with as Jonah Keri says the 2018 Blue Jays gamble has proved to be a costly bet (i.e don’t be half arsed about a rebuild)

Aledmys Diaz has been a calming and solid influence in our ever rotating infield this year. Now he is making a case not to be the odd man out.

Talking of key players- take a guess who is the Jays most indispensable player? A hat tip to you if you picked Ryan Borucki...

We know Vlad is good. How good though? Overall, Guerrero has produced a .390/.446/.645 line with 18 homers, 25 doubles and 70 RBIs in 85 games.

Take a look at his quest for a .400 season. (Hint, it will be tough towards the finish)

The Fisher Cats got shut out 6-0 yesterday but enough about that. Feast your eyes on our assortment of talented kitties!

Fading Phillies

The Phillies travel to Toronto after avoiding a three-game sweep in Washington with a 2-0 victory. Their victory over the Nationals also brought a halt to a four-game slide, during which Philadelphia gave up 29 runs.

Overall, the Phillies are a dismal 5-12 in their past 17 games on the road, failing to record consecutive wins in that stretch. However, they remain just one game back of the Milwaukee Brewers for the second NL wild card.

Marlins v Braves- its going to go off

Dear Marlins, Ronald Acuna Jnr has single handedly torn you a new one in the last couple of weeks. Here’s some tips: don’t throw meatballs to him, don’t complain when he spanks it out of the park and lastly, don’t throw at him again...

The Marlins and Braves is shaping up nicely for a new big rivalry methinks...

Actually I just think they were angry he damaged their vile and shiny turd of a stadium:

Have a great Friday (and of course weekend) and until next time, Go Jays Go!