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Sunday Bantering

Tweets and fun things

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Jays continued their romping of the Phillies by storming back late to pick up the series win. Matt W has your recap here. Despite the rough outing where Sanchez allowed 10 hits, tying his career high, he said he felt encouraged.

Speaking of injuries to our starting pitchers, check out this neat graph that shows a spread of all the starts our pitchers made this season. WOOF.

Folks in Dunedin should grab their umbrellas, because it appears as if the Bringer of Rain may be back in action there early this week. Behold:

While we are on the subject of players who we haven’t seen much of, here’s 3rd round pick Adam Kloffenstein in his latest outing:

Working our way up the farm system ladder, we will take brief stop at AA with some very good news. In addition to having six Full Season All Stars, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats have secured a playoff berth. I do wonder if the team will send down Vladito to help them out. Seems like the most logical thing to do if they aren’t going to #callhimup.

We take a brief stop in Buffalo to check out a photo of the sky during last night’s game, courtesy of everyone’s favorite Minor Leaguer:

Over here on the West Coast, Dodger Stadium continues to have issues with their power. We thank Dave today for recording his video at exactly the right time.

More of the Dodgers, check out this clip of Brian Dozier stealthily picking up a piece of bubble gum:

It’s the last day of Players’ Weekend. Surely you must have a better nickname then the one I was assigned according to this, “Toothsome Arms”.

Here’s a sweet tweet to end from the delightful Dan Shulman:

Happy Sunday!