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Friday bantering

Mike Hauschild? Really?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners
My name is Mike. Im new around here
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Ah the taste of victory! Its sweet nectar. So much better than the taste of defeat, which is like the bottom of a budgie’s cage.

Yes the Jays won 7-3 in a Morales boosting win (nice title for the recap by Matt W ) and my best friend who supports the A’s has been asking me who is Mike Hauschild? Im afraid neither I nor several thousand other people could have answered that before yesterdays game.

We all feared another Bullpen Implosion Day and given how Tyler Clippard fared in just the first inning i thought it was going to be another one.

Then the aforementioned Mike Hauschild (having signed a contract just 30mins before the game) came in for the second inning, and then put up zeroes for the next six innings!!

He did so while spotting a 90 mph fastball and putting away hitters with an effective slider, limiting the Mariners to four singles and one walk while striking out five.

This is the same Mike Hauschild who, prior to his Jays debut, had pitched all of eight big-league innings (in 2017 with the Texas Rangers) and had a bloated ERA of 11.25 to show for it.

To say it was surprise is the understatement of the year. But baseball is crazy that way. Im guessing he has done enough to earn another start. I hope so.

And henceforth we must call him: Out Haus™

In case you missed the other news yesterday:

AL Rookie of the Month

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. was named the American League’s rookie of the month for July, after hitting .423 in 17 games last month, with four doubles, four home runs and 14 RBIs. He also has an active streak of 11 straight games with two or more hits, tied with former Cincinnati first baseman Tony Perez for the longest such run in the past 50 seasons. The major-league record is 13 games, set by Rogers Hornsby in 1923.

Pompey Penalised

Bisons outfielder Dalton Pompey is serving a suspension for violating club policy. The suspension stemmed from a “heated exchange” between Pompey and Bisons manager Bobby Meacham following last Sunday’s game, where Pompey was replaced in the 2nd inning. Dalton, note to self: you spend enough time off the field due to injury, don’t add to it by getting suspended.

So how about them Fisher Cats?

Err, i’l just leave this here:

Bisons stumble

Jacob Wolfpack Waguespack pitched 6.1 innings with 12 Ks against his former team but that wasn’t enough to prevent the Bisons losing 6-4 to the Iron Pigs.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. reached base twice on a walk and a double that he drilled off the left field wall in his first at-bat of the game (and was uber close to being a home run). He is now hitting a paltry .286.

Smackdowns of the day:

The Fisher Cats smack down wasn’t the only one of the day:

  • The Rangers beat the OriLOLes 17-8 with former Ranger Andrew Cashner getting torched for 10 runs on 7 hits in just 1 2/3 innings. “I don’t think I located all that well,” he said.
  • The Dodgers hammered the Brewers 21-5, scoring 7 homers. I imagine a few Brewers fans will be hammered after that game too. I would drink after that kind of result.
  • And in the-game-of-two-evils the Red Sox torched the Yankees 15-7 with old friend Steve Pearce hitting a trio of homers and collecting 6 RBI.

Play of the Day:

There can be only one of course- the Morales boosting homer that pushed us to our win! ps bonus is the reaction from Juan Nicasio...