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Josh Donaldson Traded to Cleveland for a PTBNL

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill was flying all day, and now we will have to sit on another while we wait for confirmation. It appears as if Josh will be united with old friend Edwin Encarnacion in Cleveland. They are currently scheduled to come to Toronto for a four game series next weekend.

This morning, we were told Josh Donaldson and Curtis Granderson were both “expected to be traded” tonight. Then, we were told Donaldson cleared waivers, making him eligible to be traded to any of the 29 other teams. Early on, it was reported that Cleveland or St Louis were the most likely destination for JD, but since then, some others were reported to be in the mix. Everything we were told was that it was almost certain Josh would be traded by midnight.

Donaldson wasn’t in tonight’s lineup, but he told Rob Longley last night that he was planning on taking the night off.

Longley also dropped some new details on Donaldson’s injury, and battles with the team’s training staff:

Despite all this, it was rumored that Donaldson did not want to be traded.

I wasn’t around back when Donaldson was traded, but for nostalgia’s sake I dug up to the trade announcement post and an instant reaction post. He may not have been everyone’s favourite player, but he is without question one of the best to have ever played for this franchise.

It is truly one of the most heartbreaking ways for Josh’s tenure to come to an end in Toronto.

UDPATE: The Blue Jays will receive, of course, a player to be named later for Josh Donaldson.

UPDATE #2: The Blue Jays are sending cash to Cleveland as well:

This post will continue to be updated with more details as they are reported.