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Wednesday bantering

Sanchez’s struggles and what to do with Morales

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles
Nice work lads
Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Yesterday we were losing 4-0 in the fourth inning, the Jays were being stymied by Dylan ‘Homer Happy’ Bundy and some of our fielding was very OriLOLe like.

Fortunately balance was restored by the universe and we came back to win 6-4 thanks to Baltimore doing what they do best; explode like a supernova.

It was the our fourth straight victory and 39th come-from-behind win of the year. We now sit at 69-82 which is pretty meh.

Aaron Sanchez went four innings, giving up four runs (two earned) on four hits. He also walked three and hit a batter.

It took Aaron 77 pitches to get 12 outs, which was when Gibby took him out: only 52% of his pitches were strikes, and with three walks on the night, Sanchez is now averaging just a bit below 5BB/9 this season and has a career high ERA of 4.89.

His velocity declined steadily as the night wore on, going from 96 at the start until he was sitting 90-91 in his fourth and final frame:

When he (and Stroman) take the mound, i confess i don’t have much confidence in their ability to throw strikes and limit runs. I hope both of them find their groove again for next season.

Baltimore picked up loss no. 108 on the season, the most the team has ever accumulated in a year since moving to Baltimore for the 1954 season. With 11 games to go, and with series against the Yankees, Red Sox and Astros to end the campaign, the OriLOLes still have a realistic shot at setting the franchise’s overall mark for futility. The 1939 St. Louis Browns hold that “record” at 111 losses....yikes.

Their futility is further emphasised by the fact that Chris Davis is third on the team in plate appearances and has been worth -2.9 WAR. He’s under contract for four more seasons, is owed $92 million, and, statistically speaking, is the worst offensive player in baseball with a .171/.246/.302 batting line and 47 wRC+.

Davis has 79 hits over 458 at-bats. Shohei Otani has 82 over 283...

Meanwhile Lourdes Gurriel Jr. says the Jays shouldn’t dump Kendrys Morales next year ,especially with Vlad due to be called up.

Its a nice piece on how valuable Morales is to the club...maybe just not being out on the field. And we could find a better use for his $12M salary.

Marco Estrada will start today against the Orioles with Sam Gaviglio starting on Thursday at the Rogers Centre against the Rays. Estrada originally wasn’t scheduled to pitch until Thursday, but he threw only 55 pitches in his last outing in New York on Friday and Gibby wants to get him back into a game sooner than later.

Pitch of the Day:

Jordan Hicks of the Cards throws a 100mph sinker. WHAT DARK MAGIC IS THIS?!

Dad/dance of the Day

This guy’s poor daughter just lost her will to live...and any credibility with her friends:

(Link if you can’t see video above)