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Fantastic Friday feelings

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays
Woah! We just won
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Up until the 9th inning yesterday, i assumed we were going to be on the end of another dog turd of a loss to the Rays. Apart from Rowdy Tellez’s 2 run shot in the bottom of the second, nothing much went right for the Jays. We were losing 8-2 and it felt like the dumbest game of the year...

...then the very fabric of space time was ripped open, a unicorn pooped out a magic rainbow and the baseball gods decided they hate the Rays too and the game went and turned into probably the best win of the season!!

Tom has your (no doubt hastily re-written) recap of the complete madness here. Read it slowly with a strong coffee....

I was at work following the game and was pretty fed up by the 9th. I decided to have my lunch and watch the last inning. As i had made it that far through our mediocrity, i thought i should see it through to the bitter end. Im so glad I did.

By the time Smoak launched his homer, I was bent over at work I was laughing so hard. One of my colleagues asked if I was having a seizure. It was a a glorious feeling. I laughed for about 15 minutes at the absurdity of our win. I haven’t been that happy since I hugged a red panda.

Baseball is weird sometimes. But great too.

I won’t write too much more on the game other than use visuals to depict the majesty of our comeback win:

Firstly, thank the Lourdes we tied it up

And then we launched a Smoak bomb to signal our win

My how we celebrated! (and I love how Russell Martin was main cheerleader)

In other baseball news (how can there be other baseball news today???) some team we hate in red and blue, won our Divsion beating some other team we hate in black and white. Meh.

Divot of the Day

Nationals Park cost $783.9 million to build. Roughly $51.27 seems to have be spent on their turf though. They will also need to pay the groundsman emotional distress payments after last nights game:

(Video link if you can’t see it)

Dodge of the Day

Its dangerous on the top step. Luckily Brian Snitker has the reactions of a cheetah (and the facial expressions of a warthog):

(Video link here if you can’t see it)

Damage of the Day

The A’s didn’t just open a can of whup-ass on the Angels. They opened 21 cans of them!

(Video here if you can’t see it)

Anyway, happy Friday everyone! Im still basking in the glory of our epic win yesterday. I encourage you to do the same.