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Saturday morning sadness

Gurriel was great. Everyone else sucked.

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays
Give me the ball useless reliever
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

After the euphoric Friday comes the sad Saturday. We got hosed by the Rays yesterday. Im not sure i know what the final score was. Quite a lot vs not very much

Gurriel was great- he hit two homes runs, just as his brother Yuli did for the Astros. This made them the first brothers in history with multi-homer performances on the same day.

Everyone else on the Jays sucked. Especially Leiter Jr and Guerrieri, who both pitched like a random fan thrown onto the diamond.

Tom has your recap of the awfulness here.

I feel like we have played the Rays about a million times this season and personally i wil be glad to see the back of them. (And don’t get me started on the baseball abomination that is The Trop....) but the fact is the Rays are sneaky good. I have a grudging respect for them.

We know the Yankees and Red Sox will always pose a challenge for us but Arden Zwelling says the Rays are talented, young, nasty, cheap, progressive and savvy.

And they will be the biggest headache for the rebuilding Jays.

A long running joke/argument on this site is that 1B > 1B. (Smoak, Morales, Colabello etc). Justin Smoak has been his usual reliable self this year with 1 error in 132 games and timely hitting.

But is Rowdy Tellez about to unseat him?

One thing that has also been reliable (in save situations; lets not talk about his non save situations) is Ken Giles.

The move to Toronto has clearly been good for a guy who to put it mildly, is fairly intense.

In other news the Rangers fired manager Jeff Bannister after 4 years and two consectutive losing seasons. Such a shame...i’ve enjoyed watching his team choke against us the last couple of years.

Play of the Day

While on the subject of the Rangers, yesterday Jurickson Profar hit a routine pop up to shallow right field. Easy play for Ben Gamel of the Mariners right...?


Glove of the Day

I think he is a massive asshat but my word can Manny Machado field:

Hitting the other way of the day

Matt Adams shows some magic against the shift:

Have a great weekend everyone and i’ll see you all on Monday. Until then Go Jays Go!