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Happy Birthday Jon Rauch

Philadelphia Phillies v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images

Jon Rauch turns 40 today.

Rauch was our closer for the 2011 season. He didn’t have the best of years. A 4.85 ERA, 11 saves (5 blown saves) in 53 games. He gave up 11 home runs in 52 innings. He had 14 walks and 36 strikeouts in 52 innings. Not really the strikeout numbers you want from your closer.

He missed time getting his appendix removed and with torn cartilage in his right knee.

But, he was easily the scariest looking reliever we have ever had. This was his most famous moment with the Blue Jays:

At 6’11 and 290 pounds, I wouldn’t have wanted him charging at me. John Farrell is not a small man but he looked small trying to wrestle Jon away from the umpire.

Rauch had an 11 year MLB career, playing for 7 different teams. He pitched in 556 games, just 11 starts, had a 3.90 ERA and 62 saves. His best years were with the Nationals. He played 5 seasons in Washington, with a 3.24 ERA in 245 games.

Happy birthday Jon, hope it is a good one.