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Saturday bantering

Im back off the DL!

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Apologies for the lack of daily bantering this week; i had an unfortunate accident. Contrary to the rumour that i had been bitten by a dingo while on holiday in Australia (which lets face it, would make for a far more interesting story), i had in fact managed to crush my hand in my car door. Yes, it was not a good idea to do this and no, im not planning on repeating it.

Last Sunday had been very enjoyable right up until the point i went to my local store. I pulled into the underground car park and was just exiting my car when i noticed an elderly gentleman reversing out of the parking space next to me.

I say reversed but it quickly degenerated into him rocketing backwards out of the space, right across the car park and into a very large concrete pillar. Three things then happened: 1) a large chunk of concrete fell off the pillar ( disconcerting when its a support structure for said underground car park). 2) the rear of the elderly man’s car was completely smashed in and 3) he looked very distressed and possibly hurt.

At this point, i decided to go and help and in my haste to close my car door, i neglected to notice that my hand was on the corner of it. The door shut. FULLY SHUT.

I jumped at the pain, hastily opened my door, re-closed it (without my hand in it this time) and then started to walk away. Then the pain hit me. I wasn’t impressed. I shook my hand thinking it was nothing and it was hen noticed the large amount of water running down my drivers door. I have a black station wagon so colour of liquids are easily disguised.... took me a few seconds to realise that was in fact my blood. Lots of it. Gushing from my hand. All over the floor, the car and down my arm. My wife says i then casually asked if she could come and help me, saying’ Honey i have a bit of a problem here....’

I used the first aid kit in my car to patch myself up, realized this wasn’t working and then sprinted across the road to the handily placed pharmacy to get more robust first aid supplies. There i was greeted by a fresh faced weekend pharmacy assistant of about age 16; Who looked at me with disdain as i leaked everywhere. I could sense her thinking, ‘im going to have to clean that bloody floor later....’

Thankfully after a few trips to the doctor and clinic this week, it appears I have managed to escape any major damage. My thumb is in pretty bad shape, and took the brunt of the damage but i haven’t managed to break anything or sustain any nerve damage. I do look like i have punched someone, so i have been saying a dingo had attacked me as its a far better story. Not sure if anyone believes me though.

And the moral of the story is; just don’t bother trying to help people’*

*not really

Talking of hand injuries, a few of our pitchers have been best by blisters this season (Sanchez, Estrada). With ever increasing numbers of pitchers being affected, it appears that blisters are a growing sore for Major League Baseball.

And in another reason to love Gibby, he is putting his feet up on Sunday as Russell Martin is going to be managing the Jays for our final game of the season!

This season, the 35-year-old has embraced the role of catching mentor for the Jays rookie catching duo of Danny Jansen and Reese McGuire. Martin hasn’t appeared in a game since Sept. 3 and he has spent more time watching from the dugout, so its good to see him getting involved again. Maybe he will manage a team full time in the future?

And with Gibby leaving, the hunt begins in earnest for the new Jays manager (please Lord, don’t let it be Eric Wedge). Names being kicked around include Wedge, Joe Girardi, Mike Matheny, Eduardo Perez, Sandy Alomar Jnr, Mark DeRosa and Stubby Clapp. Whoever it will be, they are unlikely to follow the old blueprint.

And with Gibby leaving its also no surprise that the Jays coaching staff are free to talk to other teams.

I hope Luis Rivera talks to a baseball team based in Cuba or Russia, as i don’t ever want to see him again.

At the start of the season Randal Grichuk was terrible; he literally couldn't hit a cow’s arse with a banjo (he hit .106 in April) but he has had a handsome finish to an otherwise ugly season.

Jon Berti spent 8 seasons in the Jays Minor League system. After all his injuries, he is finally living his dream.

Catches of the Day

Billy Hamilton rises like an Alaskan salmon for this catch.

Video link here.

And people say adults shouldn’t take their gloves to the ballpark? Good job this dad did or his daughter would be wearing her ice cream...and the foul ball.

Video link here.

Have a great Saturday everyone. Im off to soak my hand in a bucket of ice again!