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Roster Moves: Ureña, Davis, Smith Jr, Tellez Up, Hauschild DFA’d

All the Call Ups!

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Let’s all take a moment and send the best of luck to erik.t as he tries to predict the lineup everyday, because it’s just about to be darn near impossible.

All of this leads to a line-up card looking like this:

Both Tellez and Davis will be making their major league debuts, so a huge congratulations goes out to them. Here’s a little bit of context on Rowdy’s past two seasons:

Notables missing from the call ups are Anthony Alford, who hasn’t been stellar for most of this year, and Dalton Pompey. It seems like Justin Shafer will be back up soon too.


There won’t be nearly enough playing time to go around for everyone, but the team thinks the exposure to the big league environment will be beneficial to their young players.

And then there’s this:

Speaking of pitchers, here’s a not so fun fact:

The update on Marcus Stroman is also less than optimistic:

GM Ross Atkins did a couple of press appearances too, one on Tim and Sid (i’m geo-restricted out, but I’m sure it’s great) and one on TSN 1050. Drew Fairservice wrote a great piece about the Donaldson mess at Vice Sports.

Since I like to end on a positive note, here’s a touching piece on how coaching the Special Olympics impacted Billy McKinney.