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What ever happened to selling the Blue Jays?

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We haven’t heard much for more than a year. What happened?

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Some people saw it as a glimmer of hope; others, as a cliff edge swiftly approaching. No matter how you viewed it, you probably don’t care about it much anymore.

I had almost completely forgotten about the rumours regarding Rogers Communications’ potential sale of the Toronto Blue Jays until a handful of days ago, when I was sifting through some of my old articles.

In late October, 2017, Andrew Stoeten of BlueJaysNation stitched together some stock information, along with comments from high-level Rogers executives, to speculate that Rogers may be contemplating selling the Blue Jays.

[To] a layman like myself, this certainly feels — more than at any point that I can remember (which isn’t exactly saying much) — like a thing that could actually be inching toward actually happening. I guess we’ll see! And if it is…uh… yeah! Let’s do this!

Only a handful of days later, Bob Elliot of the Canadian Baseball Network reported that Rogers was considering selling the naming rights to Rogers Centre.

Then, for more than a month, there was no more news regarding Rogers and the Blue Jays. It was just long enough for the dust to fully settle, before, in early December of 2017, Rogers itself stated it was considering selling the team.

Chief Financial Officer Tony Staffieri, at a press conference in New York, said Rogers was considering the sale of the Blue Jays, along with other company assets, to “free up capital for other investments.” At that point, Staffieri said the company would still like to maintain television rights to Blue Jays’ games.

Then, again, there was another break in the news. In late January of 2018, almost exactly a year ago, Staffieri said in a conference call with investors that Rogers had no plans to sell the Blue Jays.

Some speculation trickled in over the course of the season (including another BlueJaysNation piece — this one entitled, “More hints towards a Rogers sale of the Blue Jays?” by Blue Ox), but for the large part, we haven’t heard anything about a sale since. The last analysis I can find comes from September of 2018, and it’s from a stock investing site.

So, in terms of speculation on Rogers selling the Blue Jays, there’s been a whole lot of nothing. Perhaps they’re waiting for a better time to sell; perhaps they’ve decided to not sell at all. Regardless, the conversation has been muted.