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Happy Birthday, Tom!

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Wishing our site master the happiest of birthdays!

Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Today, on Hall of Fame Election Day, we have a special announcement:

Tom Dakers has been unanimously voted into the Bluebird Banter Hall of Fame by the official BBB Election Committee. He may be the only member, but still—congratulations, Tom!

What made Tom a worthy Hall-of-Famer?

Tom has been around since 2008, giving him over a decade of experience in the blogsphere.

In this time, Tom has posted 125,837 comments and received 7,248 recs.

He is 47 posts shy of the landmark 1,000. He should get there this year.

Tom dedicates countless hours to this site, and we are forever grateful for the community he has helped to build here.

Happy Birthday, sir! Hope you are celebrating by pouring out a cold one tonight.