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The Best Blue Jays Promotions of 2019, Ranked

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Single game tickets are out, so here’s a recap of the best promotions of the year.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Bobbleheads, shirts and hot dogs — oh my! Although the Blue Jays announced their 2019 promotional schedule right before Christmas, single game tickets only went on sale Wednesday. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the upcoming promotions, ranked for your entertainment.

18: MLB Network Reusable Bag (June 20)

No creativity and shameless advertisement.

17: 2019 Magnet Schedule (March 28)

Practicality is the redeeming feature here, but . . . it’s still a fridge magnet.

16: Star Wars Hat (August 30)

The endless milking of the Rebel Alliance is getting old.

15: Blue Jays & Margaritaville Est. 1977 Hat (August 16)

It might just be that I’m not old enough to understand this one. This has something to do with Jimmy Buffett, right?

14: Camo Hat (May 24)

If I was running this, I would’ve swapped this with the denim cap on July 1. On the other hand, it’s probably a good thing I’m not running this.

13: Blue Jays Hoodie (March 30)

Eh, it’s a hoodie. I’m not too excited.

12: Blue Jays Backpack (August 8)

I’m not sure what quality a backpack is going to be when 15,000 of them are being given away for free (or, at least, close to it). Sure, I’ll take one, but I’m skeptical.

11: Denim Hat (July 1)

Why is this on Canada Day?

10: White and Blue Jerseys (June 7 and July 26)

“We sell them for more than $100, but we’re gonna give away 15,000 of them for free.”

9: Rainbow Hooded Henley (June 6)

What on earth is a henley?

8: Marcus Strognome (May 12)

It looses points on creativity, since a lot of teams of already done their own version of this. Sign me gnup.

7: Fanny Pack (September 28)

[insert joke about fannies and the Blue Jays win-loss record here]

6: Loonie Dogs Night (once a month)

Not really a giveaway, but this is awesome. I no longer have to take out a second mortgage to buy Rogers Centre food. (Yes, I know, I’ve already used this joke.)

5: Pocket T-Shirt (March 28)

I’m a little confused about what a pocket t-shirt is, but the fact that 45,000 fans will get this is redeeming. I feel bad for the 8,506 people who will walk away empty-handed.

4: Grichuk Ran-Doll (June 28)

Any pun-making giveaway is a winner in my books, and this seems to be an original idea.

3: George Bell Powder Blue Replica Jersey (July 5)

Jokes aside, this promotion might be the one I’m most excited for. A powder blue jersey! For free!

2: Zombie (?) (September 13)

I’m really just more curious about what this actually will be.

1: Smoakey BBQ Set (May 25)

This one clearly takes the cake. It’s practical, creative, pun-filled and without a corporate sponsor.