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Thursday Bantering: Playoff Notes

Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers NLDS Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Ever watch a baseball game and think ‘I just saw a manager get fired’? I was watching the end of the game at the gym, getting in a late workout and it kept me on the treadmill for extra time. If I’m the Dodgers I likely wait two or three weeks and then announce that I’m firing Dave Roberts.

What I didn’t understand was leaving Joe Kelly in to face Howie Kendrick. I guess it was too late by then, but if I hadn’t brought Kenley Jansen in by then, he would have gone in then.

I kind of feel sorry for Clayton Kershaw. The guy has an amazing career. Potential Hall of Fame career, but everyone will focus on his lack of success in the playoffs.

The Cardinals/Braves game was much the opposite, it was over before the second out of the game. It would be hard to imagine playing out the rest of the game. Harder still to imagine being a Braves fan and watching the rest of the game.

The game had me checking for record comebacks. The best I could find was Cleveland coming back from down by 12, against the Mariners on August 5th, 2001. The Mariners were up 12-0 after 3 innings, and then 14-2 after 5 innings.

Cleveland took Ellis Burk, Roberto Alomar and Travis Fryman out of the game, figuring they might as well rest them. In the 7th, they scored three to make it 14-5. They scored 4 in the 8th, making it 14-9. It was still 14-9 with two outs in the ninth.

They got the 14-11 and loaded the bases for Omar Vizquel. Vizquel worked to a full count before hitting a double to clear the bases.

The game stayed tied until the 11th inning, when singles from Ken Lofton and Vizquel set up the game winning hit from Wil Cordero to win the game.

I may end up cheering for the Nationals.

I am cheering for the Rays tonight, but I’m mostly hoping for a good game.

In more Jays like news, Bisons GM Mike Buczkowski won the International League Executive of the Year award. It is voted on by the other GMs in the league.

From the press release:

“The 2019 season was a special one in Buffalo for a number of reasons including a new naming rights deal for the ballpark and new records in both sponsorship and group ticket sales and these successes are a testament to Mike’s vision,” said Randy Mobley, President, International League. “Mike continues to be a valued, highly respected leader in the International League boardroom and I am thrilled that his colleagues have honored him with this well-deserved recognition.”

“Mike’s talent was apparent when he started for us thirty years ago as a PR assistant and has only grown over time,” said Mindy Rich, President, Rich Entertainment Group. “It’s so satisfying to see him receive this well-deserved recognition from his colleagues.”

“Bucz is a true ‘baseball guy’ with a passion for the hospitality side of the game and the art of customer service, as well. Bison players and fans alike have come to realize that, over the 30 years that he has been a part of our team. We are a far better club because of his leadership.”

Buczkowski has been the Bisons’ GM for 26 years now.

This could be fun:

I really need some Jays news. I know baseball doesn’t like their teams to make news during the playoffs, but just a little something would be ok.

Ben Nicholson-Smith profiles Jackson Rees, who is pitching in the AFL. We could end up with a bullpen of several Jackson in a couple of years.

Though Rees will throw some change-ups and curves, he relies primarily on a sinking fastball in the 91-94 m.p.h. range and a slider some describe as a gyro-slider because of its unusual rotation.

“He’s very aggressive attacking hitters and his slider, sometimes, is unhittable,” says Cesar Martin, who managed Rees in Dunedin and again in the AFL. “The good thing is he knows it and he can locate it very well.”