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Thursday Bantering: Congratulations Nationals

World Series 2019 Game 7 - Houston Astros at Washington Nationals Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Congratulations to the Nationals. That was a very interesting series. I’m not taking it as a win for the Expos, I still harbor some grumpiness towards them. But it is nice to see a someone new win it.

In our prediction thread 11 people picked the Nationals. Three picked them in 7 games: Siefert, Thom Nelligan and JaysfanDL.

Going to the tie breaker of guessing the number of runs scored, there were a lot of runs score this series, 63 in total. The great pitching we expected didn’t appear. Thom, at 52 came closest to the number. Congratulations Thom.

I’m trying not to take too much joy in Osuna losing out. Trying.

The Jays did make some news, or at least almost news. They have DFAed Buddy Boshers, Brock Stewart and Ryan Dull. That frees up some 40-man spots.

Speaking of which, the Yankees have declined the option on Edwin Encarnacion’s contract, to he is a free agent.

Would you like the Jays to sign a 37-year-old free agent?


Would you consider signing Edwin Encarnacion for the 2020 season?

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It sounds like Gerrit Cole will be testing the free agent market.

My internet has been very spotty this morning so I’m going to post while I can.