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Open Thread: Day of Four Games Round 2

Four games, four potential eliminations

Divisional Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Washington Nationals - Game Three Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Today is a good day for postseason baseball. Not only do we have four games today, but all four of those are series clinching games. Let the madness begin.

First up, Tampa will try to prevent the sweep at the hands of the Astros at 1:05pm ET/10:05am PT. This game is annoyingly only on MLB network here in the US.

Next up, the Braves will try to clinch their series vs the Cardinals in St Louis at 3:07 pm ET/12:07pm PT.

Later tonight, the Dodgers will try to take the series in DC against one of the best pitchers in baseball at 6:40pm ET/3:40pm PT.

Lastly, the Minnesota Twins are still going for their first win now back at home against the Evil Empire at 8:40pm ET/5:50pm PT.

May the odds be ever in the Twins’ favor.

Go, Dodgers Go! Go, baseball go!