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FanPulse: Surprise, most feel the Jays can’t contend next year

This week’s FanPulse poll was asking each team’s fanbase if their team can contend for the World Series next year.

The word ‘can’ kind of trips me up a bit. Can the Blue Jays contend for World Series? Well, yeah, forget about salary issues and sign the top 5 to 10 free agents (overpaying for each by so much they agree to sign). Make trades that work in the short term (trade the future to get Mookie Betts?). Get terribly lucky. Yeah they “can” contend.

Will they contend is a separate question. Of course we aren’t going to sign the top five free agents. And salary concerns will rule out.

Anyway, that’s a digression. Most of us feel the Jays can’t/won’t contend next year.

Not surprisingly, the only AL East fans who are less hopeful are the Orioles’ fans.

My understanding is that the FanPulse polls are going to pause for a while, unless something comes up that calls or a poll.

The National question was asking us to rate the World Series. I really enjoyed the World Series. Tons of great story lines. Some good games, some interesting blow outs. And the Astros lost, which was the result many of us were wanting.

Most of us liked the series:

I’ll post the results for the other divisions, in case you are interested.

No Tigers fans are hopeful.

But then Mariners fans are equally hopeful.