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Pedro Martinez Foundation Fourth Annual Gala Supporting At-Risk Youth Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

There isn’t much for Blue Jays news today.

The picture above is from the 4th Annual Pedro Martinez Foundation Gala. In it are Jose Bautista, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Jason Varitek, Willy Adames, Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz.

Did you do a Jays themed pumpkin? I don’t have any artistic skills, so I didn’t. Chris Ripley did two:

The Fielding Bible Award came out. No Blue Jays on the list:

Sportsnet has a round table up asking questions about the Jays off-season. One of the questions was about center field. They all seem to agree that the team isn’t going to give Anthony Alford a chance (for unknown reasons). Shi suggested Keon Broxton as a ‘reclamation project’. I totally disagree after looking at his stats. We have run out enough guys who can’t hit. I’d keep Brito in center over him.

One interesting thought was to trade one of Jansen or McGuire for a good young pitcher. Beyond that, I think the only good trade piece we have is Ken Giles. I guess someone might be interested in Teoscar Hernandez, but I wouldn’t think there would be much coming back for him.

Want to make a very early bet? Here are the odds from :


Houston Astros: 13/2

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/1

New York Yankees: 8/1

Washington Nationals: 10/1

Atlanta Braves: 12/1

Boston Red Sox: 12/1

St. Louis Cardinals: 21/1

Chicago Cubs: 24/1

Cleveland Indians: 27/1

Philadelphia Phillies: 29/1

New York Mets: 29/1

Tampa Bay Rays: 32/1

Minnesota Twins: 35/1

Milwaukee Brewers 40/1

Oakland Athletics: 40/1

Los Angeles Angels: 66/1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 75/1

San Diego Padres: 75/1

Cincinnati Reds: 75/1

Chicago White Sox: 80/1

Texas Rangers: 130/1

Colorado Rockies: 165/1

Toronto Blue Jays: 200/1

San Francisco Giants: 200/1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 300/1

Seattle Mariners: 500/1

Miami Marlins: 1000/1

Kansas City Royals: 2000/1

Baltimore Orioles: 2000/1

Detroit Tigers: 2000/1

200 to 1 doesn’t seem all that bad. A couple of the other bets you could make:

Charlie Montoyo is 18/1 to be the first manager fired at the start of next season.

Over/Under total guaranteed value of Gerrit Cole contract: $245M.

Sean Doolittle will not be going to the White House.

I don’t understand why a team would want sign someone as a manager who has never managed before, I’d want him do at least do a season in the minors, just to get an idea of how things go. But the Mets have hired Carlos Beltran and he is getting a three-year contract. I guess he’s been in the dugout with a lot of teams, but I’d like my manager to have a little experience.