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A grey hoodie with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wearing a Santa hat with text reading “He Knows If You’ve Been Vlad or Good” next to a navy blue hoodie with Bo Bichette swinging a bat inside a snow globe with text reading “Let It Bo, Let It Bo, Let It Bo”

Holiday present for Blue Jays fans: Bo and Vlad hoodies!

The Blue Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette are featured in BreakingT’s latest holiday hoodies

Vlad Guerrero’s “He Knows If You’ve Been Vlad or Good” and Bo Bichette’s “Let It Bo, Let It Bo, Let It Bo” holiday hoodies from BreakingT.
| BreakingT

The holiday season is coming up and the Blue Jays fan in your life is probably looking forward to a present or two to show off their love for the team. Well, look no further than these holiday hoodies featuring Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette! The hoodies look as cuddly as Vlad and Bo themselves*. (*This statement has not been proven scientifically and does not necessarily represent the views of Vox Media Inc.)

Click here for the “Let It Bo” hoodie

Click here for the “He Knows If You’ve Been Vlad or Good” hoodie

T-shirt versions of the Guerrero and Bichette hoodies are also available.

Like all the player shirts from BreakingT, the Bo and Vlad hoodies are officially licensed products of the Major League Baseball Players Association, which means that the players get a cut of each shirt you buy (which is totally fair!). And your humble author also gets a consideration when you click those links and make a purchase.

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