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Give us your Grey Cup prediction

106th Grey Cup Championship Game Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Another day with no Blue Jays news.

The Grey Cup is today in my home town. It is a warm day for Calgary for at the end of November, but I still wouldn’t want to sit outside to watch a football game.

The CFL commissioner was complaining about the Stampedes stadium, which is old and not great, but when they start talking about strong arming the city government (which talks about cutting police and fire departments) and the province (whose new budget has us losing hundreds of teachers_, I get my back up. For the 10 games a year that the CFL plays here, McMahon stadium is fine.

This while the city and the province is giving the billionaires who the Flames hundreds of millions to build a new hockey, all while the city is the worst spot financially that it was been in in my lifetime and odds are, it will not be getting better.

But I digress....

We have the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers playing to see which can end a long Grey Cup drought.

Give us your guess for winner and for final score (you might add in a guess of how many seconds of Keith Urban Tom can watch before changing the channel).


The winner of the Grey Cup will be

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  • 53%
    Blue Bombers
    (51 votes)
  • 46%
    Tiger Cats
    (44 votes)
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