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Sunday Bantering

Who would you rather sign, Cole or Strasburg?

Washington Nationals v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Brad White/Getty Images

There is little for Blue Jays news.

Stephen Strasburg has decided to opt out of the remaining four years and $100MM on his contract with the Nationals. I want to type those words again. Decided to opt out of a contract that would pay him $100 million over the next four years.

Words you never think you will see.

A person has a piece of paper (legal and everything) that says someone will pay him $100 million dollars and he says ‘let’s rip that up’.

Now, I don’t begrudge players for for making a lot of money. In my view, I’d rather the players have the money than the owners.

But I find it hard to imagine saying ‘no that $100 million you were to pay me, that just isn’t enough’. It would be interesting to do. For me, even if I had a talent that had someone said ‘I want to pay you $100 million dollars’ (I can juggle...but that seems to be the end of my talents), I can’t, as the son of an immigrant bricklayer, imagine saying ‘no that’s not enough for me’. I mean, for one thing, it would kill my dad.

Not that this is a judgement on Strasburg, he has a talent that I can’t imagine having.

It does sound like he and the Nationals will try to come up with a new deal, but, if he were to make it to the free agent market, he and Gerrit Cole would be the number 1 and 2 free agent starting pitchers on the market (with Anthony Rendon being at the top of the position player list).

Which leads us to a question, presuming they would sign with the Jays (which likely isn’t true), and presuming unlimited money (also unlikely), which one would you want to sign (yeah, I know, unlimited money, why not both?).


Presuming unlimited money, and that they would sign with the Jays, who would you rather sign?

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  • 72%
    Gerrit Cole
    (565 votes)
  • 27%
    Stephen Strasburg
    (218 votes)
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