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Sunday Bantering: Kluber to Rangers

Cleveland Indians v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

I wish it was the Blue Jays, but at least some teams are making news:

The Rangers have traded Delino DeShields, Jr. and reliever Emmanuel Chase to Cleveland for Corey Kluber. There may be more (there almost has to be more) going to Cleveland in this deal.

Kluber missed most of 2019 with injuries, but has been an ace type pitcher for the five seasons before that. He turns 34 early in the 2020 season, so there is some risk for the Rangers. He’s due $17.5 million in 2020 and there is a $18 million team option for 2021, so it is a very reasonable contract.

Speaking of the Rangers, their ballpark of the future caught fire yesterday.

That’s a fair bit of smoke. I wonder if the damage will cause a delay in their plans to open the season in it.

This was posted yesterday:

I’d be thrilled if it happened. Not holding my breath.

It would be so nice to have some Blue Jays news to talk about.