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Question time: Tell us about you favorite baseball books of the year?

Toronto Blue Jays

Christmas is just nine days away, and I still need to do some shopping, so I thought we could talk about our favorite baseball books of the year. Maybe get some Christmas suggestions.

I like books for Christmas and, of course, I like baseball books.

I had a bad year for book reading, I didn’t get to many. I’d claim to be busy but I really it was that I spent too much time on the computer and Netflix/Amazon Prime. I think a resolution, for the coming year, is to read more books.

Full Count by David Cone

Cone was a Blue Jays pitcher (the second half of 1992 and the first half of 1995), but he was also played for the Royals, Mets, Yankees and Red Sox. A lot of the book centers around his time with the Yankees and the perfect game he pitched for them but there are stories about his time with the Jays and the 1992 World Series.

Amost the things he talks about is pitch tipping and he told a story that Roberto Alomar told him he was tipping pitching, and that Robbie knew what he was going to throw. Cone said it got into his head, that he worried he was tipping pitches, but then he said that Alomar hit only .220 against him so if he was tipping pitches, they must have been good pitches.

It is a well written book.

Rock Solid by Tim Raines

I’m a huge fan of Tim Raines. I don’t think this one came out in 2019 but i read it this year. He’s pretty honest in the book talking about cocaine and talking about his time in Montreal. It is a fairly basic autobiography, but then he’s one of my favorites so I enjoyed it.

About the only non baseball book I read was Elvis Costello’s “Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink”. I’m always curious about song writing and the process go through to come up with songs. Costello is a pretty thoughtful guy so it interested me. Again I’m pretty sure it didn’t come out this year.

Midnight Sun by Dave Bidini is stories about northern Canada, places I’ve never been to, but I’m curious about. Places I’d like to go, but distances up there are huge, so it is good to read stories from someone who was been all over the north.

Anyway, share with us your favorite baseball books of the year, and give my family some suggestions of what to get me for Christmas, since I don’t have any books on my list (well, I do have the Sandman Omnibus collection on my list. I have read bits and pieces of the Sandman comic book series but I haven’t read the whole thing).