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Saturday Bantering: The start of Spring Training

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts
Name that Blue Jay
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It is so nice to see pictures and video of baseball players doing baseball type things.

There are little bits of news out of camp:

  • John Lott has a nice (and hopeful) story on Aaron Sanchez in the Athletic. His repaired finger is doing well. He’s throwing nice and easy and feels good about things.

As his session progressed, he worked more quickly. His velocity increased. His pitches crackled. That old sinker, which made him a star in 2016, darted and dived into Jansen’s mitt, nicking the corners on its way. He hung a few curveballs early, then began to snap them sharply with consistency.

I dislike the suggestion that if he does well he’s sure to be gone. I think if he does well we ought to sign him. We are going to need some pitchers with experience.

  • And the important news:

And some video of him taking ground balls (he is a big guys isn’t he):

  • There are rumors that Harper has signed or will sign soon. If it is the Yankees I’m going to have a cry.
  • Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi talked to Anthony Alford about the choice in front of Kyler Murray about, choosing between football and baseball. This is the interesting part to me:

Surrendering the allure of a direct path to the NFL wasn’t easy, but by then Alford realized the best opportunity he had was in baseball, and understood that was the best way to provide for his family.

”That’s one of the reasons I was pushing for football early on, coming out of high school – it’s instant gratification,” said Alford. “Nobody wants to go through the minor-leagues for years, you know? Nobody wants to go to the GCL, nobody wants to go to extended (spring training) but a lot of people would love to play in the big-leagues. I love both sports. I was more passionate about football at the time, and say you get that call, you’re already there, even if it’s in the late rounds, you’re still in the NFL. It’s not like there’s a minor-league system you have to go through.”

In football, if you are signed you are on the major league team. Maybe not playing, but making real money and you are in the building.

  • Our old friend, Yangervis Solarte, signed with the Giants. $2.75 million plus incentives.
  • That’s Clayton Richard in the picture at the top.