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On Marcus Stroman

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Stroman talked to the media today, apparently for 20 minutes, with some scattershot complaints. Shi Davidi, among several, wrote about it. Let’s look at some of his comments:

  • “I’ve been waiting to sign a long-term deal”

Haven’t we all Marcus. I’m ready for one myself. I figure ten years and $350 million would work for me. But, I’m willing to negotiate, that’s why I’m paid in cheese doodles.

If I was Marcus I don’t think I’d want a long term deal after last season. I don’t think his value is at the top of it’s arc. If I’m him, I’m looking to have a good season and then look for the contract.

Shi notes that “an industry source” says he has been offered a multi-year contract.

  • “There’s no one that embodies the city of Toronto more than me. And you’re not going to find guys who want to come in and embody the city of Toronto because it’s just not natural, and I’ve taken a liking to that myself, and that’s been organic and natural, it’s not something I had to do. That’s something I wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to be here.”

I wouldn’t know how to judge who “embodies the city of Toronto” most, but I always like to hear guys say they want to play here.

  • Stroman said he welcomed a bigger leadership role but also lamented the lack of veterans.

I’m sorry Marcus, I don’t see the point of having an old guy on the team just to have an old guy on the team. I was told, just tonight, that the Jays shouldn’t have dumped Tulo, but I don’t see any point in filling a roster spot that a young guy could take and get some MLB experience. But we do have Justin Smoak and now John Axford and Freddy Galvis. They should count as veterans.

  • ”I want to make sure everybody in this organization is doing everything in their power to put the best product out on the field, I want to win. I don’t like losing. I hate losing. I want it to be like ’15 and ’16. Those were the best times ever.”

Well, speaking as a ‘veteran’ I’d like to say that 1992 and 1993 were the best ever, but 15 and 16 were pretty good.

I’m all for putting out the best team possible. Of course, that word ‘possible’ can cover a lot of ground.

  • Asked about Vlad and whether he should be on the roster opening day Marcus said:

“Would you? I’m a pitcher, I’d love to see my guy hitting homers every inning. Yes. We’re a young team. We need to perform. And I know everybody a part of this team that we have here is doing everything they can in their power to go out there and perform. So I hope everybody in this organization is doing the same thing. I hope they’re putting us on the field with the best team possible to go out there and compete against the Yankees and the Red Sox on a consistent basis.”

Yeah, we’d all like to see Vlad on the team opening day, but, because of the stupidity of baseball’s rules, he won’t be. I hate it, but it isn’t the front office’s fault.

Marcus is going to take a fair bit of flack for this. I don’t know what’s all that fair. I don’t mind him ranting occasionally. Maybe he needs a veteran to show him the best way to do so....

There isn’t too much of it that bothers me. I don’t have any issue with him complaining about the service time manipulation stuff. I think more players should bring it up. Saying that he likes Toronto. Always good.

Asking for some veterans.....well, everyone’s allowed an opinion. Wanting a long term deal? Like I said ‘don’t we all’. I didn’t see too much of it as a direct attack on management.

But then I doubt it improves his chances of that long term offer coming up quick.

Ross Atkins puts it well: