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Open Thread: Blue Jays First Spring Game

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Media Day
Name that Jay.
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

We get real fake baseball today. The Blue Jays play their first spring game against the Tigers in Dunedin. The game isn’t on TV or MLB.TV, but Sportsnet has it on radio.

Ryan Borucki gets the first start, and will likely go a couple of innings.

The Jays have a bunch of their regulars going today. And Dalton Pompey in RF. Montoyo said something about Pompey having a shot at the LF job. I’d like that but I don’t think it is likely to happen. Freddy Galvis is still listed as number 19. And Bo is DH.

We’ll get the first game with the 20-second clock. I don’t really care about the clock.

We have a note from John Lott. Plantar fasciitis can hang on for a long time.

Here is the lineup and the guys who will be on the bench

I’m going to listen in, at least for the first few innings. If you are going to listen join us in the thread.