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Monday Bantering and Open Thread for Blue Jays Spring Game #3

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We have a Blue Jays that is on TV!!!!!

Thankfully the YES network is showing the game. I wish Sportsnet would take notes and consider showing us more spring game in the future. Since they should be selling us on the young guys and the prospects, maybe they could show us them?

I’m ok with watching the YES guys. I’ll take anything to see real fake baseball. The Yankees have a very nice ballpark to play their spring games. And there was a Souplantation, which had been sold to me as a great place to eat. It was a bit of a disappointment. I wich I had planned to go to Spring Training this year, he says looking at the -20 on my weather app.

Anyway, Marcus Stroman gets the start. I wonder if Stroman is feeling some pressure to perform well right out of the gate. I’m sure he’d like to show that last year was just a bump in the road. Or course, I’d like him to have a great season too.

Tomorrow Matt Shoemaker gets the start.

Billy McKinney plays first today. He played 1 inning at first for us last year and 46 innings total in the minors. I like the idea of him being able to play a few games there. The more options the Jays have the better. I could see them shopping Smoak at the deadline.

After starting the first two spring games, Dalton Pompey is on the bench for this game, so we are likely to see him. There is no one I’d like to see make the team more, but I don’t see that as the plan.

I’m interested in Montoyo’s view of Teoscar Hernandez. I have a hard time watching his adventures in the outfield, I wonder if Charlie will feel the same way?

And we get our first look at Freddy Galvis in a Jays uniform. He got good reviews for his defensive play in the first spring game. And our opening day third baseman is in the lineup.

Beyond that? Well we can see if Kevin Pillar can take another walk. If he does we’ll see all the stories about his new approach. Actually, we won’t, I think the writers have been burned a couple of times on those stories, they won’t fall for it again.