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Blue Jays to sign Clay Buchholz

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Arizona Diamondbacks Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

So the minor league signings are coming fast now.

The Jays are going to sign Sunscreen Boy, Clay Buchholz to a minor league deal. Or at least I’m guessing a minor league contract, with a major league number:

Buchholz was a Red Sox for 10 seasons, before being traded to the Phillies in December of 2016. He didn’t have a good time with the Phillies, pitching just 7.1 innings in 2017. He was signed and released by the Royals after that and then the Diamondback after that.

Career he has a 4.24 ERA (4.00) FIP in 224 games, 206 starts. He’s 34.

And I’ll admit to not being a fan. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean we are sending Ryan Borucki to the minors.

Quick, buy stock in companies which make sunscreen.

Update #1

Here are the financial details