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Sunday Bantering and Open Tread for Jays/Twins

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Before we get to the post, I’d like to say a pox on the house of whoever came up with the idea of daylight savings time. The clock change always messes me up.


The big news is Vlad’s injury.

Beyond that, Charlie Montoyo has said that Danny Jansen will be the starting catcher, with Luke Maile the backup and Reese McGuire in Buffalo.

Today’s Blue Jays lineup. No Pompey again. I haven’t seen any word on how his knee is, if there is an injury or just a bruise or what. Most I can find is a Keegan Matheson tweet, from yesterday, saying he was getting treatment on his knee and “doesn’t sound like anything major”. Also said Devon Travis is day-to-day.

And no Alford today. I’d love to see them keep playing him while he is hot. With a trade or an injury (or two), there isn’t any chance he makes the team, but let him keep swinging the bat.

Ryan Borucki makes his fourth start of the spring. He hasn’t been great so far, 7 walks, 8 hits, in 7 innings.