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Post Opening Day bantering

8 straight Opening Day losses

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays
The only happy moment from yesterday
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Apart from our AWOL offense yesterday, it was all going swimmingly on Opening Day.

Stroman was pitching well, Biagini came in and looked sharp. KrazyKen Giles looked excellent. Then some ‘pitcher’ known as Daniel Hudson came in and cost us the game. At that point i wanted to throw him in the river he is named after.

Growing Pains

The reality is that we may see a large number of similar games this year as we get use to a younger/faster/fitter/inexperienced roster.

The realities of a rebuild are upon us and we may see some growing pains along the way ;of course there are a number of different opinions on how this might all play out:

These are his Blue Jays and it’s time for Mark Shapiro to prove himself

Jays are faceless as warm bodies fill its roster (Caution: Hot Takes within)

Fans will experience the rebuild grind along with the players

However, its not all doom and gloom!

Rowdy Tellez is proud of forcing his way into Jays’ opening-day lineup (And rightly so!)

Opening Day data

  • The Dodgers 8 HR were an Opening Day record. The Dodgers are on pace for 1,296 homers which seems fair given their offence.
  • The Mariners scored 12 runs against the Red Sox. That’s the most runs allowed by a defending World Series champion on Opening Day ever. No team has ever allowed 12+ runs on Opening Day and won the World Series.
  • The Mets are now 38-12 in their last 50 Opening Days. That’s the best record in the 4 major sports for opening games in the last 50 years. Read that slowly...the Mets.
  • With 6 shutout innings yestorday, Jacob deGrom now has 30 straight starts giving up 3 runs or fewer, which is a new MLB record.
  • There were 48 homers hit yesterday. Here they all are, ‘cos DINGERS!

Bryce Harper made his long awaited and hyped debut for the Phillies and went 0-3 (Nats win the trade!). Harper as you know, is quite shy and retiring so decided not to be too conspicuous:

Luke Voit got HBP yesterday, or rather the ball got hit by Voit and is now on the DL....

Stanton hammered hits

Giancarlo Stanton is apparently big and strong. His big and strongness carried on from last season as he hit another rocket yesterday....

Here are hardest base hits in MLB since Statcast started tracking in 2015:

1. Stanton: 122.1 mph 1B, 10/1/17

2. Stanton: 121.7 mph HR, 8/9/18

3T. Judge: 121.0 mph HR, 6/10/17

3T. Stanton: 121.0 mph 1B, 8/5/18

*5. Stanton: 120.6 mph 1B, Opening Day 2019*

If you want more eveidence of his big and you go...

Base hits of 119+ mph since Statcast began tracking in 2015:

Giancarlo Stanton: 15

Aaron Judge: 4

Rest of MLB: 0 (LOL)

I’d rather see a chart of his hundreds of K’s though...

Opening Day Play of the Day

Lorenzo Cain rises like an Alaskan Salmon, robs a homer and ends the game.