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Tom Dakers Appreciation Day

Thank you for 11 years with the site!

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays
Tom is not a base. But these guys are showing their appreciation for the base the only way they know how. You can show your appreciation for Tom by commenting below. You can show your appreciation for bases by taking pictures of them. Please do not seek out Tom to take pictures of him.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

A year ago we celebrated the inaugural “Tom Dakers Day”, a day celebrating the the importance that Tom Dakers brings to this site, and as a result, our lives.

So welcome to the second annual Tom Dakers Day, 11 years after SB Nation approved the account of Rincewind.

Just a quick snapshot of how much Tom pours into the site, here are his stats, with the numbers from 1 year ago in brackets to highlight how much he has done in just the last year.

Comments: 127,123 (118,545)

FanShots: 896 (870)

FanPosts: 64 (64)

Stories Published: 8152 (6687) - That’s 1465 articles in 1 year! Over 4 per day.

Recs given/received: 34 given / 7475 received (31/6619)

Whoa, hold up. He gave out 3 recs over the last year?!? Obviously, those must be the 3 best comments of the year, right? So here they are, in chronological order:

Solid reason for a rec. Forget the big outcome, let’s just focus on small positives. Solid comment from westbromjayfan. Maybe not top 3 from the year, but still an excellent approach to commenting.

Obviously Link Floyd is agreeing with something Tom said, right? Makes sense to rec that. Oh, weird. That’s in response to garethsinke, nothing to do with a comment of Tom’s. But in a roundabout way it’s in support of Devon Travis, and that’s always a good thing.

There we go, a comment that Tom gave a rec to that someone else also did. Not very often Tom gets on the rec train that already has passengers, so this has to be the comment of the year. And it’s about Bo Bichette and the love that he gets, so it’s really worthy of a rec. Congrats lalaprise!

Anyway, our site here very obviously would not function without the presence of Tom, and for that we are very thankful, as this place could turn in to, just picking another SBN site at random, Bucs Dugout.

Please continue to stick around Tom. You’re very much appreciated!