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Jays trade Dwight Smith Jr. to Orioles

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have traded Dwight Smith Jr. to the Orioles for International signing bonus money. They aren’t telling us how much, I’d imagine Shi Davidi will be letting us know how much money at some point.


I was right, Shi tells us we get $500,000 in signing bonus money.

Smith was number 29 on our prospect list before last season. He was off our list this year because he exceeded the rookie limits next year.

Last year he hit .268/.358/.413 with 6 home runs in Buffalo. And he was up and down to and from the Jays, gets in some MLB time in May, July and September. In total he played in 35 games, hitting .262/.347/.477 with 2 home runs, 7 walks and 13 strikeouts.

He was DFAed last week when Clay Buchholtz was added to the roster. I was a little surprised they dropped Smith, I figured it would be a pitcher going. Smith seems like a nice left-handed bat to have around. But, he’ll have a better shot at playing time with the Orioles.

Bye Dwight, best of luck to you, except, of course, if you are playing us.