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The Vlad Jr MLB Debut Prediction Contest

Can you accurately guess when Vlad Jr will be called up?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a fair amount of speculation lurking on BBB recently as to when we all think Vlad Jr will get called up. To continue forth with our attempts to try to predict baseball, I thought it would be fun to hold a little Vlad Jr call up prediction contest.

The person who guesses closest to the date will receive two bags of virtual cheese doodles, and all the BBB contest winning glory.

With Vlad appearing to be on his way back to Buffalo, here’s the other information we have:

  • As of this Friday, Vlad Jr won’t be able to accrue a full year of service time
  • A debut in late May/early June would be safe bet to miss the Super Two cutoff date (it was 2.134 years of service time last year, which would be the week of May 20th this year)

I am torn between two dates - either Tuesday, April 30th in Anaheim or Tuesday, May 14th in San Francisco. I think they are going to debut him on the road just to keep him away from the Toronto media circus to start, and both those trips have an off day on Monday which would give him time to get acclimated. In both scenarios, the Bisons would just be arriving back from a road trip (which doesn’t help).

In the Anaheim one, Vlad would then go to Texas, then his home debut would be for a series vs the Twins, then roll into Mother’s Day weekend vs the Chicago White Sox.

For San Fran, Vlad would then travel to play the White Sox, then debut at home on Monday vs the Red Sox.

With all this considered, I think he will get into a groove pretty soon and they debut him on Tuesday, April 30th.

Please comment with your guess! In the event of a tie, please also include the total number of bases you think Vlad Jr will safely reach in his first game including any advances he makes during another player’s at bat (e.g. 1 walk, 1 single, and then 1 double and a run scored = 6 bases). I’m going to go with 5.