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Blue Jays sign Randal Grichuk to 5-year extension

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The news doesn’t end today.

Shi Davidi tells us that Randal Grichuk signed a 5-year, $53 contract extension, buying out his first three years of free agency.

According to Shi, Randal who was to get $5 million this year, will now get $7 million this year, plus a $5 million signing bonus. Next year he gets $12 million. The three seasons after that he gets $9,333,333 each year.

It is a big strange that the pay goes down after he hits the free agent years.

It has been a big day for news. We go all winter wishing for news, then, when real baseball starts, we get all the news in one day.

Nice of the front office to spend some money. I think it is a very good signing.

I guess that’s why Randal has the day off today, rest his wrist after signing.