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Thursday Vlad-tering

And so it begins...

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you are expecting me to write about anything other than Vladimir Guerrero Jr. joining the Blue Jays tomorrow, you can forget it. Im as excitable as a badger with its butt on fire.

Suffice to say there is a lot of hullabaloo about Vlad joining the Jays at last. Not just in Toronto but around the Majors as well- it seems only right that we look at some of those thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, his dad posted this sweet image:

It would be great if he had a career as good as his dad:

And lets be honest, there have been some great father and son duos in MLB history .

Vlad signed off in style from the Minor Leagues:

And these are his eye watering final pre-call up numbers:

And Lansing Lugnuts said goodbye with a special article in their magazine by Jesse Goldberg-Strassler:

Now that he has reached the big leagues - what can we expect? (see link in tweet)

We know he has the talent but what will he produce? Projecting Vlad Jr.’s first 10 seasons

And no doubt Friday will be a special (and much hyped day) but what were the other most hyped Blue Jays debut in history?

And of course there are still new challenges that Vlad will have to overcome.

And as a little taster, here are Vlad’s Top 10 Minor League Moments.