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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. T-shirts: Power & It’s Showtime, Vladito

Vlad Jr. was called up to the Blue Jays on Friday and the t-shirts are already here

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. celebrates hitting a double against the Oakland Athletics during the eighth inning at Rogers Centre.
Vlad Jr. is PUMPED
Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was just added to the Blue Jays’ roster Friday and the MLBPA-licensed tees have hit the market. BreakingT, the makers of the original Jose Bautista Bat Flip t-shirt from 2015, has collaborated with Bluebird Banter to celebrate the callup of Vlad Jr. with a couple of shirts.

Vlad Junior Power

Illustration of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. swinging a bat in front of white and red text reading “Vlad Junior Power” on a Blue Jays blue t-shirt.

Cover your upper bod with this sweet blue t-shirt showing Vladdy’s home run swing and 80-grade power. Wearing this tee on the diamond won’t help you hit any dingers, but you’d look good at the plate. Designed by Evan Russell.

It’s Showtime, Vladito

An illustration of Blue Jays’ player Vladimir Guerrero’s face and head, wearing a blue baseball cap with a flag of Canada on it, is surrounded by the words “It’s Showtime, Vladito” in blue and white text as well as two red maple leaves, all on a grey t-sh

Jays fans have waited many years for the son of Vlad to be called up to “The Show” and it has finally happened. If you are like me, and own a few too many blue tees already, this sweet heather grey shirt featuring Vladito’s face and dreads would be a great addition to your collection. Designed by Nick Torres.

Ask anyone who has purchased a BreakingT shirt and they will tell you that they are very soft and comfortable to wear, and are very durable (my bat flip shirt from 2015 still looks like new!). And also, these Vlad shirts are officially licensed products of the Major League Baseball Players Association, meaning they are legit and the players are compensated for the use of their name and image. We play fair.

By following the links above you tell BreakingT that you found the shirts at Bluebird Banter and we get a portion of the sales. It won’t pay for our contributors’ rent but occasionally we collect enough to enjoy a few premium cheese doodles and a drink or two. Thanks!

Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map Update

This is not a t-shirt but instead of a separate post, I thought I’d post the latest Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map here, showing the addition of the brand new GUERRERO Line.

2019 Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map, version 14 (added GUERRERO)

The Blue Jays signed Guerrero Jr. as an international free agent on July 2, 2015 for a $3.9 million bonus. But since the Jays only had just over $2.3 million in their bonus pool, they had to acquire additional bonus pool slots or they would be penalized in the subsequent two seasons for the overage. Earlier that day, they traded prospects Tim Locastro and Chase De Jong to the Dodgers in exchange for slots 27, 57, and 117, which gave them an additional $1.1 million to offset some of the overage penalty.

As the acquisition of the international bonus slots did not directly lead to the acquisition of Vlad Jr., a double line notation was added to this version of the route map. In the future, if Eric Pardinho and Miguel Hiraldo is added to the roster while Guerrero (or his successor) remains, PARDINHO and HIRALDO will also be linked to International Bonus Slots by a double line as the Jays would not have been able to sign them without the penalty offset.