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A tweet-by-tweet account of Vladdy’s debut

A lot happened.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. puts on his hat during the ninth inning against the Oakland Athletics at Rogers Centre.
Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend was surreal. From the absurd media coverage (ourselves included) and the remarkable series sweep, nothing seemed ordinary.

There was a lot that happened. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made his major league debut, the Toronto Blue Jays kept up their hot streak with nine wins in their last 12 games, they walked off twice — including an epic come-from-behind victory on Sunday — and multiple players had their own day in the sun.

Of course, though, the story was Guerrero’s debut. Here’s the tweet-by-tweet account you probably don’t need.

The Blue Jays kicked things off by officially calling up Guerrero and sending Richard Ureña down to triple-A Buffalo. Guerrero walked into the Rogers Centre around noon, surrounded by an entourage. His wardrobe choice did not go unnoticed.

Next stop: The press.

Don’t forget some player shenanigans.

Then Vladdy took the field.

The Prime Minister himself weighed in on the game.

Then the game.

Was it worth the three-week, time-manipulating wait? Probably not. But at least we got a few good tweets.